First things first…

It’s pretty weird posting to a brand spankin’ new blog because there’s nothing much here, so this post is basically just my way of eradicating that awkwardness.

I’ll clear a few things up, just in case I ever become famous or something.

Here’s my FAQ… except I don’t actually have frequently asked questions, they’re just made up in anticipation of what could potentially be frequently asked questions if I actually had people asking questions.

Q. How reliable is the nutritional or scientific information you provide?

A. The information I publish here will be coming straight from what I learn from the PhDs at the front of my classes or from the texts we read. Sometimes, science is complicated and even the professionals do not have perfect answers – we only have indications from extensive research. Human nutrition happens to be a science full of controversy, and there are always new fad diets or shocking discoveries popping up in the news that are not backed by solid research. I’ll do my best to source from specific publications or professionals when controversial topics arise so you can dig deeper if you so wish. The quickest answer is this: I’m not a registered dietitian (yet), so my credibility is technically nothing, but I am dedicated to honesty and will do my best to provide content that is reliable.

Q. Where do you get your recipes?

A. Much like I love to travel to new places and explore, I am adventurous with my recipes and like to try new things all the time. I’ll be sure to link you if I found a certain recipe from an online source, or to source the recipe somewhere so you can get the book yourself if you desire. I’ll also only use recipes I’ve tried myself and know are successful.

Q. Is every recipe you post healthy and nutritious?

A. Not necessarily! I believe there is a time and place for sinfully rich, decadent chocolate cakes. Actually, I’m confident my soul would wither if it were denied fresh chocolate chip cookies. To keep my soul healthy, I cannot part ways with these luxuries. The key isn’t to completely eliminate “bad” food from your diet, but to limit their presence or to take smaller portions of them. You can find so many truly delicious snacks or desserts that aren’t high in sugar and saturated fat, and if you find a few you really like, it won’t be so hard to substitute them in where you might otherwise reach for the cookie jar. Even small changes can make a big difference. That all being said, I do intend to be posting recipes and explaining why they are healthy and delicious  so you can get some inspiration.

Q. If I have a specific food question, can I ask you?

A. Of course! I’d love to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. However, I again must make the disclaimer that I am not a registered dietician. Some complicated health problems require higher levels of expertise, and talking to an RD or even visiting your doctor is a better option. I can’t diagnose you, I can’t put you on a diet, I can’t promise anything. I may be able to point you in the right direction, or explain something to you, or offer some general advice.

Thanks for making my blog feel a little less awkward by being here. I really hope you enjoy what you find!



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