The internet is amazing because there is an endless stream of information. Such a blessing and a curse! It can be difficult to distinguish between a high and low quality sources. As we gain greater access to resources, we need to constantly question the merit of each source.

Information about health and wellness can be clouded all too easily by pretty blogs, channels, and pages with lots of followers supporting them. While these can be great, they can also be misleading, especially for those with very specific dietary needs. I can’t count the number of times I have searched for low-carb recipes (for a diabetic), only to find recipes better labelled as no added sugar, or ‘healthy dessert’ options that are barely a step up from a regular dessert.

I hope this page offers you some confidence in the quality of content provided. Below are links to pages I refer to in order to find the best evidence-based information available to the public.

General Resources

  1. Dietitians of Canada


  1. Diabetes Canada